Some of my 2D art dating from 2011-2013

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Painting at the Urban Woods Festival, Talented poet and musician friends, and images of my Senior show.  One of these day’s I’ll get the time to fully update and learn how to use Tumblr.  Until then I apologize for the disarray.

Weeping Lamentation and Devotion, 2 of my latest works.  I don’t know why it turned some of the images sideways…I still don’t understand this Tumblr thing..sorry for the inconvenience. 

"Curried butternut squash with peas and chickpeas
Large butternut squash, cut in half, and bake cut side down, in one inch of water in a baking dish at 400 for one hour. Cube and scoop from shell.
Add one large can organic chickpeas, one can organic peas (or cooked frozen peas), one small can tomato paste, a bunch of curry powder (4-5 tablespoons to taste), and some spike seasoning."

While researching artist Kiki Smith I was reintroduced to this amazing artist.  I saw a work of her’s at the MOMA back in Dec. 2008.  It was odd yet something I still can’t stop thinking about. 

Grot design II

Grot design II